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Awe pouty face

Awe pouty face

Toddler Empathy

What a beautiful thing..

Who knew toddlers had empathy? I didn’t. Its a beautiful thing to witness. Sadly after being sick for the past three weeks I have been left with a disgusting post nasal drip. The effects are I hurl every morning and night phlem. Yes disgusting..i’m aware. Last night I was coughing my lungs out like a chain smoker and ran to assume position. Next thing I notice Lily got out of bed and was standing next to me rubbing my leg asking telling me “Ok Mami?”. I looked at this tiny toddler who was looking to comfort me in my time of need and told her yes baby i’m ok. So sweet. Who knew? Normally this tiny woman is known as a “me me me” dictator.   After researching I found on Parents.com

"Studies show that around 2 years of age, children start to show genuine empathy, understanding how other people feel even when they don’t feel the same way themselves. And not only do they feel another person’s pain, but they actually try to soothe it."

What can a parent do to expand this beautiful trait and help cultivate this tiny human’s sensitive side? Below are some suggestions to help lead us parents in the right path.

1. Show them the world. Being empathetic starts with being sensitive to what’s going on in the world around us. Showing your kids how you interact with others nurtures a desire to explore relationships.

2. Encourage communication. A toddler’s vocabulary and ability to comprehend a wide range of feelings are limited, so you need to verbalize emotions for her. For example, if your child’s trip to the zoo is canceled, you could say, “I can tell you’re disappointed. I also feel that way when my plans are canceled.” You can also point out feelings in others. If you see a boy sitting alone at the park, you could say, “He looks lonely. I hope he makes a friend.”

3. Role play. Creative role-playing with puppets or dolls is a wonderful way for children to investigate others’ feelings. If you want to explore envy, for example, have one puppet receive a gift while another gets nothing. Then ask your child how the puppet without a present feels. Role-playing is also a good way to teach kids how to offer comfort to others.

4. Temper your expectations. Empathy is very much a work in progress for toddlers. Some children understand it without much effort; other kids need more practice. Don’t forget that egocentrism is normal for a toddler. They can’t be empathetic and unselfish all the time.

Sources: Alison Gopnik, PhD, a professor of psychology at the University of California at Berkeley and coauthor of The Scientist in the Crib (HarperPerennial); Sharon Ramey, PhD, coauthor of Right from Birth (Goddard Press)

Lily’s obsession with Hello Kitty might be rubbing off on mommy …

Lily’s obsession with Hello Kitty might be rubbing off on mommy …

Sick Toddler = Sad confused Mommy

What is about a sick toddler that makes all hell break loose? Perhaps its the fact that it comes at you out of nowhere. One minute you are luxuriating in the calm silence of sleep, tucked in your covers, dreaming of being on that island relaxing with a pinacolada in hand. Then all hell breaks loose. You hear mommy mommy..you squint your eyes open to see its only 5am…then you hear that noise right before you know throw up is coming but you not being able to block it because your reflexed are too slow and don’t really know what is going on. At this point its too late. The hurl has landed on portions of your arm, maybe chest, and that wonderful smell of rotten milk is in the air. It has invaded your sheets and both you and your babys clothes. Lovely. Good Morning!

I stripped the bed and put Lily in the shower to wash off that nasty milk smell. Then I don’t know why I gave her a bottle of milk. Knowing deep inside that little voice was saying… don’t give a sick baby milk! But when I offered her the option of soymilk she took one sip and looked at me in disgust stating “No mommy.. Yuck” followed by non stop requests of Leche!! I caved in. 10 minutes later..her toddler bed was covered in throw up again. Once again..another shower for Lily and me mumbling to myself incoherant nonsense. I just kept the calm its ok baby serene facade because I didn’t want to further upset her. Please keep in mind this all happened before 7am. After this insanity I ran around like a crazy woman getting myself ready for work. I handed her over to P mulling over the guilt of going to work and went on with my day.

Since then it has been a mess. She won’t eat! But I worry am I starving her? I mean I offer her stuff but she quickly replies no. The only thing that I do offer that she wants is Cheerios and water. Sounds like a toddler jail diet to me. So I went to searching..just what do you give a sick toddler. What can they eat? What will help? I mean kids don’t come with owners manuals. Here is what I came up with to help other confused, sleep deprived parents..

Take a breath..and remember this will pass..now onward to the informative information..

If your child has: Diarrhea

Serve: Clear fluids, such as water, broth (for kids over 1), or electrolyte solutions, to prevent dehydration (avoid juice and soft drinks- the sugar can worsen diarrhea); a normal diet that includes such binding foods as rice, ripe bananas, and cooked veggies.

If your child has: Constipation

Serve: Prunes or prune juice to stimulate bowel function; high-fiber foods, such as fresh apples, oranges, carrots, and celery; water to keep stools regular.

If your child has: A fever

Serve: A regular diet, but since feverish kids generally eat very little, add dips, sauces, or butter to increase every bite?s caloric density; plenty of fluids.

If your child has: A sore throat

Serve: Hot noncaffeinated tea with honey (but only for children over 1); high-calorie ice-cream smoothies.

If your child has: A stuffy nose

Serve: Warm foods, such as chicken soup, which act as a vaporizer, loosening nasal mucus.

Toddler swagoo part duex …

Toddler swagoo part duex …

Toddler Swag

Toddler Swag


Hola!! Please forgive my neglect. These past couple months have gone by like a flash. I was so caught up in the dramatics of my life that I forgot about my passion of writing. Shame on me. Where else can I share fun informative motherly tips I pick up along the way and humor you with crazy moments of motherhood?  So lets catch up. Lily my beautiful baby girl is a full fledged toddler. She walks, runs, asserts herself in what few words she knows, and her personality is becoming more defined with each passing day. She says no with attitude and has perfected the side eye.  It is beautiful to witness since this little person was just a 8 pound helpless infant with no neck support at one time.

Im still working in the city chasing my dream of working in the business side of radio. I remind myself each day I am one step closer to where I want to be. So I keep pushing. I’m still racing home to tend to my baby girl and relieve her father of his duties while he pursues in own dreams. We are in an odd place right now. Sort of in a limbo of relationships. We took some time apart. Which was tough. Kids really change the dynamic of a relationship. Something most people never touch upon. If your base wasn’t stable it will crack. You will be faced with decisions and stress you never dealt with before. Alone time is obsolite. You have to make time. Work through the drama. This of course it incredibly hard with all the temptation surrounding. In our society its easier to walk away from something hard and just make life easier. Long story short. I came to see the grass is not always greener on the other side. That is if you want something too work you need to put work in like anything in life. Nothing is easy. Life is not a tv sitcom. Relationships, motherhood, work, anything in the beginning its all shits and giggles but once the initial high wears off its real life baby. So we will see what the future brings..

Thankfully during my dramatics I always kept it together. Focused with work. Forcused on providing Lily with the care and attention she needs. As a mother you are that role model for you tiny woman you are cultivating into a lady. So I try to always keep any personal issues far away from Lily. Toddlers are demanding in there own respect and they are tiny sponges. They pick up on everything!! The last thing they need around them is extra baggage. Lol.

Beautiful moments in motherhood

Beautiful moments in motherhood

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